WHAT IS WATTMARCK? Wattmarck is a narrative online experience centered around a 20 minute short film that won the award for Best Adaptation at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2017. It tells the story of Karin Steckheim as she reassembles her band Wattmarck for a final concert. To present a mysterious new synthesizer and the enigmatic sound it produces. The Wattmarck experience is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's story "The Music of Erich Zann", telling a narrative that spans over a hundred years, recounting occult secrets and acoustic research.
The various elements that make up Wattmarck (short film, videos, texts, audio elements, etc.) can be experienced in any order but the short film itself or the 17 minute documentary have shown to be good points to start your journey. We would love to hear your thoughts about Wattmarck! Write a message in the contact section or come find Wattmarck on Social Media. If you enjoyed Wattmarck and would like to support the work of the people behind it on future projects have a look at our store where you can get the Wattmarck Soundtrack and much more. (The Wattmarck Store will launch in autumn 2019)
WHO MADE WATTMARCK? My name is Lorenz Tröbinger and I wrote and directed Wattmarck and built much of the production design for the film. The project was realised with an amazing team of more than 40 people who all worked on Wattmarck on their own time and for free. It would not have been possible to create the film without their contributions. In particular the outstanding work of cinematrographer Lukas Swatek and music composer Johannes Kerschbaummayr as well as the actors Michou Friesz, Bobby Sommer, Bernd Eischeid (who also did most of the graphic design of the project) and Lukas Strasser deserve a special mention. FIND THE FULL CAST & CREW IN THE TASKBAR OF THE DESKTOP
Wattmarck was financed with the support of the federal province of Upper Austria
It was made possible with the support of the following organisations: